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Specialty Lumber

Wood Re Sawing Pictures

I deal with the best specialty lumber dealers in the United States; these next photos represent a recent lumber purchasing trip to Hearne Hardwoods of Oxford, Pennsylvania.

Visit us again for more information about the other specialty lumber dealers that we get our woods from.

Wood Resawing at Hearne Hardwoods
Hearne Hardwoods 70 in. re-saw capacity Band saw
An employee preps a slab with a chainsaw
A rare slab of highly figured Bubinga being re-sawn
All hands on deck to keep this slab in place
A motorized vacuum suction lift to move the slabs after being re-sawn
A rare highly figured slab of Bubinga
I inspect the woods figure in amazement
Rick and Brian Hearne and myself admiring freshly sawn Bubinga
The vacuum suction lifts in action
A sight to behold